News and Announcements

Bluepha becomes a Gold Sponsor in iDEC 2021!

September 28 2021

With great pleasure and gratitude we announce that Bluepha is our first Gold Sponsor in this competition.

Bluepha is an innovative company that creates new molecular products based on synthetic biotechnology. It is committed to designing, developing, manufacturing and selling new bio-based products, including:

  • Bio-polymers PHAs which are biodegradable in any environment without leaving harmful footprints
  • Functional beverage ingredients that can effectively relieve stress and anxiety
  • New functional probiotics that compensate for common metabolic defects in the human body
  • Functional ingredients for personal care and medical beauty industries, etc.

Bluepha can assist business partners in various industries such as consumer products, health and medical care, agricultural environmental protection, electronic and electrical, and help businesses adopt product differentiation strategy to compete in their markets.

The goal of Bluepha is to create innovative biotechnology products that can impact the majority of people and contribute to the sustainable development of society: "Create one industry, Develop one hundred products, Affect five billion people." Bluepha hopes to collaborate with iDEC to jointly promote the positive growth of the synthetic biology community, and to work with more partners to create the future with the power of synthetic biology.

In light of their generosity, the special awards this year will be named after Bluepha, and as our honorable guest, Bluepha shall present these during the iDEC Festival.

Twitter Card of Bluepha Sponsorship

Free New England Biolabs products for iDEC teams

Aug 2 2021

We are happy to announce that our sponsor New England Biolabs (NEB) will provide iDEC teams with an exclusive free product application list. Here, we would like to thank New England Biolabs (NEB) for generously supporting the scientific exploration of young talents and iDEC's charity goals. The iDEC teams can apply for the free products through the application form we sent out.

Free genetic sequence optimization by our new sponsor Ailurus Biotechnology

Aug 2 2021

We are happy to announce that Ailurus Biotechnology has become a sponsor of iDEC 2021! Furthermore, Ailurus Biotechnology will provide each iDEC team with an one-off free service that returns the optimized sequence for expressing a gene of interest (from a high-throughput experiment of n=2500, equivalent to the price of $ 2999), and all subsequent orders will enjoy a 20% off discount. We thank Ailurus Biotechnology for generously supporting the scientific exploration of young talents and iDEC's charity goals.

Twitter Card of Ailurus Biotechnology Sponsorship

New England Biolabs supports iDEC

July 20 2021

We are happy to announce that New England Biolabs has become a sponsor of iDEC 2021! We thank New England Biolabs for the generous support. Look forward to creating more opportunities with our sponsor for the young talents worldwide.

Twitter Card of NEB Sponsorship

iDEC Webinar #1

July 14 2021

iDEC HQ will briefly introduce the iDEC 2021 as an opening session. Subsequently, we are honored to have invited one of our founders Dr. Zakir Tnimov from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) Cambridge, to share his research and the principle of directed evolution: Engineering Ribosome: tinkering with nature’s translator of genetic information. Time: 16 July 2021, 12:30-13:40 (UTC+1), online. Click here to register.

webinar #1 banner

Abstract submission due by July 8, 23:59 UTC

June 30 2021

An email with the submission channel has been sent to all paticipants. You can also enter the channel here: The abstract should be drafted following the structure of academic norms. At this stage, it could include the background and the current status of the research topic, research design, novelty, and the desired research goal. The length of the abstract should not exceed 250 words. The person in charge of the team should submit the abstract by July 8, 23:59 UTC. The verification code is the same as that used for the track selection (it has been sent to each team leader separately).

GenScript supports iDEC

June 30 2021

We are happy to announce that GenScript has become a sponsor of iDEC 2021! We thank GenScript for the generous support. Look forward to creating more opportunities with our sponsor for the young talents worldwide.

Twitter Card of GenScript Sponsorship

Responsible Research Form due on July 1

June 28 2021

Important reminder: the Responsible Research Form have to be submitted by July 1 (in less than 3 days). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the form:

CCiC welcomes you

June 16 2021

Conference of China iGEMer Community (CCiC) is an annual meetup that opens not only to iGEMers but to all young synthetic biology talents to communicate and collaborate. The 8th Conference of China iGEMer Community will be held on this Aug 27-29. This year's conference is also open for all iDEC teams around the world, you can register by entering the team ID: 4888 in the 8th CCiC registration sheet. The deadline for registration is the Jun 20 23:59 UTC+8 (15:59 BST). For more information, please visit the official website of 8th CCiC.

Modifying Tracks Selection

June 16 2021

If your team would like to modify the Tracks before the deadline, please enter the Tracks decision page again through the link in the email.

  1. Hold your mouse cursor over the track option you selected, then you will see an ‘edit’ button on the left of the option.
  2. Click edit, and you will enter the option editing page.
  3. Reselect and submit.

The channel will be closed on 22 Jun 23:59 UTC, all modifications will be recorded, and the result of the last modification will be regarded as the final decision.

modify tracks selection instructions

iDEC Webinar

June 14 2021

iDEC will organize a Webinar in July. We will invite a scholar in the field of directed evolution to introduce interesting research project, and arrange iDEC designers to introduce iDEC's competition design concepts. In order to facilitate all participants, we will send an invitation. Each team can choose a time period that is convenient for participation and help determine the date.

Track decision

June 14 2021

iDEC HQ will send emails and e-forms to all participants on June 15. The leader of each team will receive a verification code. Please use the verification code to fill in the e-form to select the track. iDEC allows a team to choose up to 3 tracks (out of 6 tracks). Please choose 1 to 3 tracks most relevant to the content of your project.

Team wiki open for editing

June 14 2021

Team wiki is one of the requirements for the competition. This year, every team will be assigned a GitHub repository, where the team can upload web contents and turn them into a website through GitHub Pages. The repository will be owned by the iDEC Headquarters, so team members will need to add themselves as collaborators to the wiki repository through the iDEC Team Portal. Write access to the repository will be revoked by wiki freeze.

Please refer to for more technical information on this year's team wiki arrangemets, including how to gain write access to the assigned repository. Teams will find their assigned repositories at

Details on wiki requirements and rules, for instance, what needs to be included, will be announced in the future.

Registration is closed and fee payment information is avaiable

May 2 2021

Welcome to iDEC 2021! Our registration channel has been closed at 23:59 (BST) on May 1. We will email the fee payment method to each registered account on May 2. At the same time, you can also find the fee payment information in the registration system.

iDEC introduction video is onine now!

April 30 2021

The iDEC introduction video is online now. Want to understand iDEC more easily? Our organizers introduce iDEC for you here!

Responsible Research Form is out

April 30 2021

The form must be submitted prior to wetlab work and latest by July 1. Please check our Ethics, Biosafety and Biosecurity page.

Registration Fee for iDEC Festival 2021 waived

April 30 2021

iDEC has decided to completely waive the registration fee for iDEC Festival in 2021 (£100 per person). This is due to the reduced possibility of organizing on-site event this year. iDEC will continue to pay attention to the COVID-19 epidemic and decide whether to hold any form of on-site event this year when appropriate.

Final call for registeration

April 24 2021

Final call: iDEC 2021 registration channel will be open until May 1. Want to participate in the first iDEC? Register a team at